Who We Are...

Wood Technologies, LLC is a woman-owned, custom millwork service
provider with over 35 years of expertise in design, integration, and
manufacturing of commercial furniture and fixtures. We provide a
comprehensive and cost-effective approach to serving the unique
needs of businesses ranging from mid-size to multiple Fortune 500
companies. Our skilled team of professionals performs expert
craftsmanship in producing site-specific millwork solutions. Our facility
can accommodate high-demand needs while maintaining lean
manufacturing standards. As a privately-owned corporation, we are
comprised of an experienced and conservative management team
that directs us toward continued growth and increased
profitability. Our sustained production and warehouse facilities, with
over 100,000 sq. feet, are headquartered in Grabill, Indiana, and
gives us the capability to support both large and small customized
projects from conception and design of prototypes to oversight and
support of contractor installation. Keeping all facets of design,
warehousing, manufacturing, and finishing solutions in-house gives
us a distinct advantage over other millwork service providers.  

Our Proficiencies


Designing and creating store fixtures for our diverse client base is one of the best things we do. Each project is unique and presents challenges that we rise up and meet from start to finish.

We turn visions into reality, all by utilizing a multi-step process which includes identifying our clients’ needs, designing unique store fixtures that are completely functional and aesthetically pleasing, and then implementing the creation of each piece in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities so they work well together independently and as a group.

We also travel to locations throughout the United States and Canada to install the store fixtures so that each and every phase of the process is controlled and ready for long-term use.


Another one of our strengths is our capability to produce high-quality custom millwork and custom store fixtures using our state-of-the-art design and manufacturing equipment.

We use the latest technologies in our machine centers, including AutoCAD, Inventor, CNC routing, and optimizing software, to create your custom design or store fixture. Our skilled workforce works with a variety of materials, allowing us to create fixtures unique for your desired product.

When you do business with Wood Technologies, you have peace of mind to know that every step in the design, manufacturing, and installation process will be fulfilled through one company, giving you more time to devote to your business.


We are experts at commercial cabinets, no matter the purpose or the setting. Our extensive experience at designing and creating cabinets is known across the globe.

It’s no secret that our cabinets can be made from virtually any material, and we take great pride in giving our customers exactly what they envisioned. Because our facilities can accommodate large production demands while meeting aggressive timelines, there is really no project that we can’t handle.

Our processes are second to none, and it shows in the quality work we produce every time we start a project.